Plot Edit

Kevin Goes To Listen To Steal My Sunshine By Len But Len Bashs Him Up After Kein Calls Him A Fucking Fuck While Psyphons Brother Aims For Ben & Co

Triva Edit

Len Is Not Credited

Ben & Gwen Don't Appre In This Sorry Exusses For A Fucking Episode

Transcript Edit

Kevin Ahhh Time To Listen To Some Music

(Kevin Is Looking Thought The Taps He Finds Zara Larson Denis Larey & Rick Astley Then He Finds Len)

Kevin Il Listen To This Dirtbag

Len Hey Fuckers I'm Going To A Fucking Lame Cioncet To Sing My Ass Off

Kevin YEAH


Kevin Boo Boo Boo Boo

Len What Are U Booing At

Kevin U

Len Fucking Come Here And Il Boo U U Bastard

Kevin Um Better Not

Len Do It

Kevin Fine Looser


The End

Kevin Where r my teeth

Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Judd Lynn & Peter Folk
Directed by Charlie Haskell
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