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After Fighting Poo Ben Turns Into Poo

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Poo Somehow Returns

This Is The Frist Ep Since Kevin Wants Jail That Poo Has Been Seen In Full Ep A Villian To Crossworth He Was Not Seen In The Full Ep

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Prevley On Ben 10 The Sex Show


(The Hs Attack Aggregor)

H4 U Guys

H2 Yes

H4 Bens Co Have Gone Up To Space We Need To-


Poo Its My Turn Laughs

And Now

Jetray Lets Go Stop What Ever His Name Is

Poo Fools

George We Must-


Ben O No

Poo Well Now How Did U Fools Like That

Ben Not Funny

Poo :) It Really Is Bitch

George Ill Shut Ur Piehole Up For Good

Poo Bitch Fuck Off


George Ugh

Poo Now U Fucktarts Will Pay Yes The Watch Yes Ultra Power (Grabs Onto Tis Shit Omnitrix)

Poo Bitchs Its Mine

Ben -___- Its Mine

Poo Lets See Wat Alien would I Want

PooArms Yes Tis O- Ugh Im Looseing Contral Bitch Fuckhead

Ben Haha Guys Lets Fucking Get Out O Here

Gwen I Aggre Bitch

(Poo Then Telports Away)

Kev That Was So Pathetic

Aggregor Ahhh Poo Times Up Soon The Aliens Will Be Mine And Tennyson Shall Pay The Price

To Be Contined...... (In Poo Wthout Poo)

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Written by Matt Wayne
Directed by Mike Smith
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