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Vilgax & Ben play GTA And Then They Tease How Stupid Toy Story 3 Looks Along with Toy Story 2 & 1

Transcript Edit

Ben ok now lets keep playing GTA

Vilgax Wait Il Be Bloxx

Bloxx Fuck Tis Destroying Plan GTA Rocks

Ben il Be FourArms

Four Arms Psyphons Returned

Psyphopnn here

Vilgax Thanx Now Go Play A Game At The Show

Psyphon ugh i quit being your boss you stupid lazy shit

Vilgax Why?

Psyphon we could of ruled Earth

Vilgax Fuck that i fouynd bens heart now im going to be his friend

Psyphon Jerk

Gwen wheres ben


Gwen vilgax must of captured him lets find him

Vilgax Heya Be4n These Pizzas Are Yium

Ben KK

Vilgax psyphons a jerk

Ben ikr

Vilgax he just wants to rule Earth wot a load of rubbish

Psyphon Stupid Vilgax He Used To be cool

Aggregor Work for me

Psyphon Ok

Ben Let Me Go Way Big

Way Big Yeah


Gwen found him kev

Kev Where

Gwen hes way big

Kev im on my way

Way Big Combo Breaker


GTA Watch Out Here Comes GTA

Vilgax Yeah ben

Ben i really lve u

Vilgax i lve you too

Gwen No

Vilgax Fuck Off Gwen

Ben Yeah Gwen

Gwen -_________________________________-

Ben No Not Funny

Kev So you finaly became friends wth vilgax

Ben Yes

Kev and your staying friends wth him

Ben Yes

Kev Holly Shit

Ben & Vilgax Bloooblooo

Kev & Gwen Watts Bloobloo

Vilgax nyb

Gwen oh

The End

Triva Edit

Fistrick Makes His cameo Dubet So Does Zs'Skyar

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date 29 September 2011
Written by Stan Berkowitz
Directed by Jae Woo Kim
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