Plot Edit

George Goes Back 400 Years Ago Where He Faced Knightoknight Who PlansTo Steal Georges Sorwad In The Present

Triva Edit

Gwen & Kevin Do Not Use Ther Powers nor fight In Tis Ep

Transcript Edit

George Ahhh Yes That Time

Ben Wat Shutup George Im Bizzy Playing A Game

George But My Story

Ben Who Cares

George Curses (Gets A Time Manchine And Goes Bak 400 Years)

(Someone Appres Near Bens House)

Ug Fools Its Time To Get Geworges Sorwad Then Ill Rule The World

(George Arrives At 1715)

present George Crap

Ug Times Up City The Sorwad Now

past George No

Pres George Crap Its Me

Past George Its Time To Die

Ug I Am knightoknight Time To Die George

George No Its Time To Loose The Game

George I Look Foolish

(Past George Shoots KoK Kok Escapes)

George Ahhhh Yes The City Is Saved

George Crap (returns to 2015)

KoK Wheres George

Ben idk


George Here Wow Ur Old

KOK Yes 400 Years The Duel Was

George And Another Will Count

Ben Let Me

Wildvine Ha

(KOK Shoots Wildvine)

George Tis Is Between U And Me)

KOK Yes A Knight Fight

(George Traps KOK And Shoots Him Ben Goes Upgrade And Merges Wth Him He Is Destroyed)



(George Falls)

Ben Well That Was Fun

George Aggred

Kevin Where Were U Bye The Way

Gwen Yeah U Were Not Here 7 Mins Ago

George Um Idk

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Mark Litton

Judy Remore Will Fouracres & Judd Lynn

Directed by Mike Smith
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