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Gwen Returns While Ben Is Captured By Sunder

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Gwen Returns

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(at The Spot Where Gwen Died A Hand Is Seen Grabbing The Ground)

Unknown Foolish Kevin Hes Going To Pay

(Ben Is Seen Playing Shot The Dog)

Ben Take This Mother Fucker



(The Unknown Guy Is Seen Wallking Out The Hole Gwen Died The Guy Heads To Bellwood)

Kevin Whats Tis Shit Ur Playing

George Aggred Its Shit

Ben No Itrs

Geore Sumo Slammers

Ben No I Quit That Shit

Kein rlly Since Gwen Died We Have Nothin

George Gwen Died

Ben The Other Day

Kevin It Was Me Who Did It

(the unknown guy heads after Poo Street And Heads After Bens House)

Ben Yes aND You Pushed Her Down

Kevin Yus

(doorbell rings)

Kevin I'll Get It

(He Opena It The unknown guy is There)

UG I Am The Vulkans Group I Come In Dickhead Mate

Kevin KK

Ben Hey Look Its A Fucking Cock

George Aggred Shit Cock



George I Recknize That Power

Ben Me Too

(the unlnown guy heas Too The Bathroom Its Relived To Be Gwen She Has A Scar On Her Eye)

Gwen These Fools Will Pay

(she puts her cape on and Goes To Kein)

Kevin Hey I Got Some Stuff

Ben Here

Fartgas Fartgas Really

(Gwen Takes Kevin Too A Park Leaves Him There But Traps Him)

Gwen Lauhs Its Actleyu

(takes cape off)

Kevin You

Gwen You Fool You Though You Could Push Me Off Well I Surrived

(back to Who Fucking Blew The BASE UP)

Kevin (Kicks Gwen In Her Fucking Balls O Wait She Dosent Have Any I Mean Her Vagina)

Gwen (falls down To Earth)

Gwen (goes past Ben) Save Me

Gwen Ahhhhh

(Gwen Falls And She Falls On The Ground)


(Gwen Is Now Dead)


Gwen No Ie Got A Scar Kevin You'ller Pasy For This

(And Now)

Kevin But That Was A Hard Hit

Gwen U Fool

Ben Well Kevins Been Out Really Long

George ikr

Ben Lets Go

Gwen Fool You'lle Pay


Kevin Just Becayse You'vve Gotr A Scar Ur Fine

Gwen Foolish Human

Ben Gwen No

Gwen Benjjy

George O Fuck

Gwen Ahhh Who Revied The Old Man

Kevin Hey Gwen


Gwen Huh No

Kevin Ur Allright

Gwen Yes But I Have The Scar On Me

Kevin I Did It

Gwen (slaps kevin ben wees on Gwen)

Ben :P

The End

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Written by Jimmy Cogg
Directed by Charlie Haskell
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