Plot Edit

Justin Bebber Sucks His Doick While Kevin & Ben Face Animo

Triva Edit

George Dose Not Appre In This episode

Final Apprence Of Animo As His Next Apprence Is In The Next Series

Transcript Edit

Justin Ive Had Eongh That Idiot Ben Shall Pay For What He Did To Me In That Idiotoc Show

Girl Can I


Ben ugh Not Sanimo

Animo Its Animo Creates Get Him

Ben No

Ultimate Big Chill Freze

Ben Well Animos Done For

Kev Lets Get Outta Here

Ben I Aggre

Justin I Shall Soon Go To Bellwood Ben 10 Shall Die

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Eugene Son
Directed by Peter Salmon
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