Plot Edit

Po Hates Kung Fu Panda He Also Traves To 2005 And Gets The Omnitrix Befor Ben Gets It An 2008 He Gets Older 2010 Older And Then Gets A Car While Max And Azmuth Fight While Azmuth Says That Max Should Have Got It

Triva Edit

Final Apprence Of Jack Black He Appres In Cameo In Tis Ep

Jack Black Also Voices Po

Ben Dose Not Appre In Tis Ep Either DoseKev And Gwen And George

Frist Ep Wthout Ben

Transcript Edit

(A Shooting Star Falls Down)


Po My Foolish Dad Is Annoying

(Po Looks At The Big Hole)

Po fuk

Po U Are Such A Son Of A Bitch

(Po Gets It)

Po Its A Watch


(in space)

Vilgax Fool Ur More Of a fool Send Shit Drones

Drone 1 I'll Go

(Po Is Seen Wallking Back

Po Im Back Cunts

Pos Dad Fool U Were Gone To Long

Po Sorry

(5 Years Later)

Pos Dad Curry On My Destiny

Po Yes

(1 Year Later)

Po Well Wth My Dad Gone I Have Nothing But The Watch

Vilgax Nothing Yes

Po U Who Are U

Vilgax Names Vilgax Now Theres Only 1 Thing I Want The Watch Or Be Destroyed

Po Dood Ive Had It For 6 Years Now

Vilgax Then So Be It ATTACK HIM

Upgrade Yes

Vilgax U Are So Pathetic

Po No

Vilgax Yes Ur So Fat Too Fat Man

Po Np Its U Who Needs To Die

Vilgax Foolish Panda

(Vilgax Leaves)

Po That was Close

(meanwhile azmuth goes into PHQ)

Azmuth U Fool U WereSuppset To Get The Watch Not That Silly Panda

Max 1st What Panda 2nd I Was Too Late My Fool Of A Grandson Was Wanting To Go Fishing

Azmuth Well The Pandas Name Is Po And The Freaking Ur Grandson Is A Bitch

Max k

Po Ahhhh Now What Else Shall I Do Wth Tis Watch

The End

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Written by William Fouracres
Directed by Mike Smith
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