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Zombozo Bees A Dumb Dumb and wants to have sex wth Gwen While Psyphon Takes Vilgax back To The lab of doom

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date 21 September 2011
Written by Seth Walther

Jill Donnellan

Directed by Peter Rida Mitchell
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Transcript Edit

Gwen Why Bother Going to help ben

Kev Lets Watch Our TV

Zombozo Hello Gwen sexy lady

Kev (punches zombozo in the face) dont you tallk abut my girl like that u son of a Bitch

Gwen kk

Psyphon Vilgax Will Rule Ben 10

Vilgax And il Pick Swampfire Souap to go with my sex manchines

Ben Oh U Bye Em Too

Vilgax Yeah I Do

Ben hey im sorry for attacking u

Vilgax Yeah Im Sorry For Trying Tpo Destroy Earth I should be a good guy

Psyphon No Vilgax I I I

Vilgax Fank Off Psyphon im making friends

Ben Lets Go gwen & kevin are asses

(at vilgaxs lab)

Ben Cool Lab

Vilgax Thanx

Ben np

Psyphon Ugh Now Look

Vilgax Wanna Play GTA


Vilgax Yeah Drive Around The Conner

Ben Here Il Ducate A Omnitrix

Vilgax thanx

Ben So Now What

Vilgax Now we

Domnios Play GTA

Psyphon Vilgax u have the omnitrix you can rule the universe now

Domnios Nah Screw That Shit Psyphpon Get Us Pizzzzza

Psyphon Ugh how many

Vilgax 100

Psyphon Ugh Fine

The End

Triva Edit

Zombozo Makes His Dubet

vilgax turns good and ben gives him a omnitrix