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This Episode Shears Focus Caps Like O Im Pregnut

Frist Apprence Of Jimmys Dad Who Will Once More Appre In Please Go To Hell

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(gwen & Kein Wth jimmy are wallking Down The Street)

Jimmy My dads Gonna Fucking kill Me

Gwen What for

Kevin Having Sex

Jimmy no

Gwen -___________-

(Ben Is Tallking to max)

Max That Bonehead Jimmy Needs To Stop This

Ben I Have A Plan

(jim kev and gwen Are Sitting on the Bench Jim tells the Story Abut When Jim Crashed His Car Into A Bomb)

Jim Times Up

Jims Dad No


(jims dad is in the bilding behinde gwen and co)

Jims Dad That idiot jiom will pay

Ben So Your Going To Spread Jim Away From The Co

Jims Dad Shutup His Stupidness Will Be Mine

Ben But Jim Was Living In A House Near Where Gwen & kev were farting

Jims Dad ik That ur Going To Help Me Destroy Gwen & kev

Ben No

ilgax Actley Get Out

Jims Dad Yes Master

(jim and co gety icecreams and gwen Frezes The pepole waiting in frount of gwen and co to get a icecream She Wallks Up And Shoots The Man Grabs 3 And Leaves)

Jim Yes Our Victory Is Compleated

Ben Ugh No Way Ghostfreak Time

Combo Breaker No

(jim and co go to Woolworths) (jims father is right behinde them)

Jims Dad If My Son Wants To Be Wth Dickheads Then He'll Pay The Price

(ben And Max Tallk)

Max No Ben Jims Dad Is A Villian He Must Be Stopped

Ben Yes Im On My Way

(While ke and co are at ic ille Jims Father Comes)

Jims Father Hello Guys I Want Jim And You Fools Will Never Stop Me

Gwen Who Are You

Jims Father im his Father Now Back Off

Ben No

Jims Father U Again

Gwen Lets Go



Vilgax max We Must Help Ben

Max yes and Vilgax No

Vilgax Yes

(ater The Co is wallking)

Jim Guys That Was My Father He Could Of Destroyed Me

Gwen But He Dint

The End

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Jims Father Returns To Kill Jim 

Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by (Written By) William Fouracres (Story By) Seth McDonald & Will Fouracres
Directed by Charlie Haskell
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