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Copper Was Meant To Be In This Ep

Final Apprence Of Verdona

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Jim Plans To Get The Trixy And To Get Big Chills DNA So They Can Destroy bens Base

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(Ben Is Putting Jims Dad in The Null Void And Gwen & co are Listing to Shit)

Freddie Shutup

Gred No U

Freedie i fuking wan5t her

Gred Get Recked fuking mate

Jim Whats This Crap

Freedie nyb

Jim Hey Mate

Ben hey guyz

Freedie Shutup Mate

Swampfire Now

Freedie o no

Swampfire Ha

Jim Yes

JimFire Laughs

Freedie i gotta go

(Swampfire Traps Him In Vines)

Ben There We Go

JimFire Lets Destroy Tennyson Wth This

Gwen Aggred

Kevin Then We'll Get Into PHQ And Destroy It

JimFire Laughs But I Need Big Chills DNA

(Ben And Max Are At Mr Smothys)

Ben Ahhh

Max Stop It Now

Verdona Guys Jims Planninng A Move

Ben Lets Stop Him

Jim ben i need ur help you see Gwen & Ke- I mean Vilgax Is Trapped in a rm you gotta go big chill and fraze trought the room

Ben ok

(Ben & jim arrive)

Ben Big Chill

Big Chill Yes

Jim Tricked you fool Laughs

JimChill Now Im Back

Ben No Way

Gwen Yes You Got It

Jim Finaly That Was So Easy

Kevin Now Well Go Into The Base And Destroy It Laughs

(they Arrive At The Outside)

Gwen Reddy

Jim Four Arms Finaly Yes

JimArms Laughs Thanxs to him its mine The Trixy thing i absorbed when he went big chill I Now Have It

JimBlast Yes


Ben Wtf Was That

To Be Contined...

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Written by Judd Lynn & Seth McDonald
Directed by Mike Smith
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