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Ssserpet Returns Kiddnapping Ben & Gwen Its Up To The 4 To Save Them While Vilgax Wonders Where Psyphons Brother Is Who Is Pooring Poo Water In The Sea

Triva Edit

Vilgax Starts To Find Out That Psyphons Brother Is Evil Of Him Not Being At Any Of The Attacks The Moment Of Lifetime & Rings Of Fire But Dose Not Act Untill Uncovered Truth

Transcript Edit

Psyphons Brother Ahhh Much Better Puitting PooWater In the Sea Of Shit

Ben Um Max ur A fatty pompbutt


Ben Nah Ur Dick Has A Hole In It U Prick

(Psyphons Bro Puts Poowater in the Sea)

PB It Is D9one Mother fuckers

Ben Um (Picks Something Outta His Ass Smells it)

Ben why dose this Smell Like S**T

Ssserpert Cos It Is S**T

Ben WTF SO Wtf Are U Doing Here

SSSerpert Eating Ur Flesh

Ben gf My flesh is fine ive always touched it since I was 9 in 1945 When My balls Were Touched By Ned Kelly the fucking retart ned Kelly always sucked on my dick even when he was 70

SSSerpert And

Ben Oh I Forgot To tell u about Swampfires Balls

SSSerpert ok Let It Out

Ben OOOh U making me Live

SSSerpert Not Queen

Ben yes Queen Swampfires ballas are made of petrol

SSSerpert WHAT

Ben Yep What Runs Ur car

SSSerpert Sorry But I'm Not Touching Them

Ben Oh Yes U r

Swampfire Touch Em

SSSerpert F**K Off U F**King Asshole


Ben Ahhh My balls ther Gone So Is SSSerpert

Vilgax Huh Oh F**K Psyphons Brother Is Evil

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Written by User:Stranger26 & William Fouracres (written by)

User:Strangter26 (story by)

Directed by Mike Smith
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