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Ben Must Hump A Doll And Face The Wall Of Shame Befor Gwens Mums Vagina Is Lost While Kevin Wants To Smell It Again

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Ben Ok Wtf Gwen U Havent Tron This Barbie BS Out

Gwen No I Keep It

Ben Well Ur Werid

Kevin Hey Whys My Little Pony On

Ben Becos Four Arms

Four Arms Yeah

Kevin Ahhh Yeah Time To Smell Gwens Mums Vagina Again And To Be A Dick

Natlie Ahhh This Is Awesome

Kevin Yeah It Is Common Lets Go Upstairs

Natlie Ok

(They enter Her Room)

Kevin Get On The Bed Well Have Some Spontainess Sex

Natlie Ok

(They Go On The Bed Naked)


Kevin This Is awesome

(They Hump The Whole St Shakes)

Kevin F**K Il Kill U U Bampot

Natlie No Baby

Ben Ok Now Il Hump The Doll As Stinkfly

Stinkfly Yes


Kevin Il Woa U




(The 2 And The Bed Fall Out Of The Room Down The Stairs And Into The St)

Kevin Hey These Dipshits Need To See My Hairy Ass

Person 2 F**K U 2 r Yuck

Gwen Now To Holly Shit

Kevin Hey Gwen Tell Ur Father To Suck S**T Cos Natlie Has Me

Gwen -_________- I'm Calling The Cops

(Natlie Pisses On Gwen)

Natlie My Hairy Vagina Count Help Its Self

Gwen Ugh Ur Gross 2

Natlie Like I Give A Fuck

Ben Nah I'm Going To Hump It As Armdrilllo Last Choice

Armdrillo My Dick


Ben Ahhb S**T The Wall Of Shame Oh F**K

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Peter Folk & Patrick Dangerfield (written by)

Patrick Dangerfield (story by)

Directed by Mike Smith
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