Plot Edit

with Gwen pregnut Verdona Wants more sex with max Max Says no and at knight verdona kiddnappes max and he is pulled into the sex manchine

Triva Edit

Maxs (28-30 Story Is Told)

Verdona And max have sex but max wares a condom

Transcript Edit

Verdona ugh bern i want you to go to the hostapukl these fools are there cauze gwens having a baby

Ben Yes

Max And well destrioy these fools

Gwen ugh no i cant Hold it Further Kev

Kev And you cant hold the sex bomb

Verdona There You Fools Are

Ben Upgrade

Xlr8 Speed


Gwen My leg

Xlr8 Golodbye

Gwen Owl youlle pay for that

Verdona no im a much more powerful Annotyye Than You

Kevin No


Wildmutt udrtifyoticfuxdftifyotcifuxdyxifytcgufiyoctixfudztifytdfxyh

Kevin oh its a dumb mutt


Gwen Kevin No


Ben Yes Now What

max now We Capture Em The Time has come to finaly get em in our power

Ben KK

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date 31 Jan 2012
Written by Adam Beechen
Directed by Law J Bank
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