Triva Edit

Morgg Is Voiced By William Fouracres In This Episode

Kevins Next Target Is Alan

Plot Edit

Kevin Is Mad Again And Ben Goes To Tallk Wth His Famliy

Transcript Edit

Morgg Why Kevin I Needed The Trix

Ulti Kevin Idiot Ur Such A Dick Now Back Off

Morgg Never

Ulti Kevin So Be It (kills Morgg)

Ben -________- U Guys Are In Jail

Max Shutup

Ben Make Me U Fucking Son Of A Tool

(Max Goes Away)

Ulti Kevin Yes Alans Next

Ben so Kevins Gone Insane Again Gwens Dead And That Bonehead Jimmys Dead Too

Max Ur Fault

Alan Ahhh Yes

Ulti Kevin U Fool

Alan U Again

Ulti Kevin Yes But Ur Energey Will Be Mine

Ulti Kevin Foolish Earthling Ur Weak And Useless

Alan No Ur Mad And Crazy Mate

Ulti Kevin -___- Fool

(Alan Shoots Ulti Kevin Ulti Kevin Kicks Alan Alan Is Down And Ulti nKevin Kills Him)

Ulti Kein Weakling As I Said

(Ben Is Tallking To Lucy)

Ben Kevins Fucking Crazy Now

Lucy Lets Destroy Him

To Be Contined....

Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by Peter Salmon
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