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Its That Time Again Burger Day And Riney Wants To Try One But Hightbread 2 Is Back After Suriving The Exploain Of The Destroction Of The Hightbreads

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Riney Ahhh Burger Day

Kevin Watts Gurger Day

Riney ur mom

Kevin Rlly

Ben Twice U Had Sex Wth Gwens Mum U Fag

Kevin Yep

Hightbreads 2 Them Faggots They Made Riney Good

H1 Yes They Did Fork Em

Ben Lalalala

Kevin So.....That All


(Ben & Kevin Go To Burger Day Wth Riney)

Costmer hey free burgers for evreyone

Riney 3

Costmer k In Ur Dreams


Riney U Fool

Ben His Mine

Clockwork Tis Ones Useless As Hell

H2 Kk Dont Care

Riney Ur Gonna Suk My Hightbreaded Dik

Ben awww Fuck

H2 Yep

Ben Fine

Gutrot Screw U


Riney Ugh My Mother fuking dolt-


Gutrot Imma Gonna Make U Sneze

Ben Ugh

Riney My Nigga

H2 Imma Gonna Ruion Ur BurgerDay

To Be Contined....

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Written by Mark Litton & Peter Folk
Directed by Mike Smith
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