Plot Edit

The Hightbreads Plan To Bring Bak Cursed George Bak So George Can Meat His Match While Ben & Co Face The Hightbreads But Riney Saves Them Befor Ben Bees Destroyed

Triva Edit

Final Apprence Of The Hightbreads Riney Joins The Team Also In Tis Ep

Transcript Edit

Ben Um So Wtf Is This Shit

Gwqen Fuck Up

(Ben Leaves He Is Attacked By A Hightbread)

Hightbread U Will Now suk Hightbreads Dik

Ben (Gets Under there)

Ben Yum

Gwen gross

(Ben & Kevin Go To Pooland)

Riney Ha Ya Guys Im Here

Ben Lets GTFO Here

(Ben & Co Leave And Yea


The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Seth Walther

David McDermott

Directed by James Barr
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