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Kraab Tries To Get The Omnitrix So He Can Bring It Back To Psyphon Who Plans To Destroy Vilgax Wth It

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Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Jim Peronto
Directed by Peter Salmon
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Krabb Returns

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(it is night and evreything is dark a CRASH is heard and Kraab Is Seen Wallking)

Kraab Now its my turn

(ben is being rlly gay and is playing wth his dick)

ben o yeah thats fucking right

Kev shutup u bitch

Gwen Can we please all shut the F**K up

Ben Cunt

(Kraab Is Attacking bellwood)


Gwen :P

(Krab Then Shoots cars)

Ben u again

Kraab Bitch

Ben -_______-

Swampfire yeah

Kraab No Uh Oh


Kraab Fuck U Cunt

Kevin Rude

Psyphon Deal Wth Tennyson Krabb

Kraab Im Back Im Sorry

Psyphon Dick Head

The End