Well You Thought Wrong And You assholes havent seen the last of my Plan That 1st Plan Was A Warring Now User:SubZero309 Will Suffer The Next As Wikia Comes To An End Wikia Shount Of Blocked Me Imn Ernief Form And Sub Shount Of Too Nvmind Ther Fate Is Near BTFF Shall Eat My Poo After Im Trew Wth Them And After Qikia Falls Wikipidea Will Have The Next Target And Ahmad15 Will Have No Chance Of Surrvieing The Trajnmp I Have The Plans In Place SubZero309 Is A fool User:Stranger26 Will Derstriy Wikia Wth ThePower Of My Throne

And Subby Cubby Pubby Wubby Will Be Killed After My Plan Is Compleated MAHAWAWAWA
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