Plot Edit

After Pardoxs Dick Falls Off It Goes Back 200 Years Ago Pardox Goes After It And Finds Out That Aggregor Has It

Triva Edit

George Is Created Jegorge It Was A Muckup Erra

Transcript Edit

Pardox Aggregor Face Me

Aggregor You Fool ur Such A Idiot of Somekind

Pardox No Ur A Fool

(pardox & Aggregor Fight Aggregor Slashs Pardox His dik falls off and Aggregor Gets It)

Aggregor Now I'll Use Tis Too Rule The World

Ben ugh So Boring here

Gwen Shutup

Kevin hey peaness kindom

George (farts)


George Maybe U Should Get A Ripper

Pardox Ben I Need Ur Help Ur Foolishness

Ben ugh

Pardox Aggregor Has Got My Dick And Hes Going To Destroy It

Ben k

Aggregor Soon I'll Destroy Pardoxs Doick

Ben No

Aggregor Young Fool

Ben ugh

Swampfire Now How Abut Going In Flames


Aggregor The Dik No

Pardox Its Mine Bitch


Pardox Ahhh

The End

Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Len Uhley
Directed by Mike Smith
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